Below are hopefully some answers to questions you may have about K A R M M E clutches.

How can I choose between the tans?

Tans are quite difficult to describe and choose especially as everyone 'sees' different toning. Starting from the 'nudest' this may help.

Ms Chloe is the lightest, cream or bone is how she'd be described. Ms Tahlia is the creamiest, most neutral beige like tan in the range. Ms Brigitte has slight 'biscuit' caramel colour to her but is still very neutral. Ms India-Rose throws a pink tone, considered neutral but her rose tones are definitely present. Ms Bo is what often is considered 'classic' tan, with orange hues, perfect pair with denim. Ms Sophia has more brown tones but would still be considered a perfect tan with denim too. Ms Audrey moves into a warm brown, chocolate tones.

What's the difference in colour between Ms Bella, Ms Helen and Ms Nikita?

Ms Bella is a deep navy, Ms Helen is a blue/deep green-grey and Ms Nikita is grey but throws khaki/green/charcoal. Depending on what they are paired with they will throw different colour toning. The beauty in a complex natural product such as leather.

Do you wholesale?

Due to the bespoke nature of my business I have chosen not to have any retail spaces stock K A R M M E. It's a business decision that is becoming harder to stick by as more and more beautiful spaces approach me. My business is growing at a pace I can manage and I really love the nature of creating rather than producing. This may change in the future, but for now K A R M M E remains an online, bespoke business.

Do the lines and marks on the clutch mean anything?

As leather is a natural product derived from an animal there are differences between hides and within hides. This means there may be variations in texture and feel, pliability and colour. I hand pick every hide I choose to work with. I love that there are natural markings on the leather although I tend to choose hides where these are limited. Some leathers start off super smooth and over time they get lines of age, this does not indicate a weakening in the leather its just a softening, like us all, relaxing over time. There is always a colour variation in batches of leather due to the nature of the tanning and dyeing process. I try to update photos if there are significant variations and offer a full exchange if you are not happy with the colour you have chosen based on the representation on the website. I want you to love your K A R M M E lady.

Caring for your K A R M M E lady.

A leather conditioner can be used on your K A R M M E lady. Please follow the instructions and try a small spot in an inconspicuous place. It is wonderful to revive a slightly dry piece of leather.

Are all clutches lined with shibori?

All clutches except the shibori range are lined with hand dyed 100% cotton dyed in indigo using the shibori technique. The shibori range require only minimal crisp white in their linings.

Can you make them a different size or add handles?

The design process for me takes a lot of head space! I have spent a lot of time creating a simple design with clean lines and sizings that I feel work for both functionality and aesthetics. I understand many people like a strap or handles however K A R M M E clutches do not come with that option. KARMME's new tote bag range is the perfect solution.

How long will my order take?

If you need a K A R M M E lady in a hurry please pop a note in additional notes in checkout or send me an email. 2 weeks is the maximum it will take but usually the ladies are in the post within a week.

Can I request a certain shibori colouring?

The hides I receive from shibori textiles are unique and amazing every time. Within the hide will be colour variations. I am able to cut a darker or lighter piece if you have a preference, there is an option to choose your preference as you order, of you can leave it as no preference for design. 

Can the clutch be gift wrapped?

All K A R M M E ladies come in their own dust bag and are then wrapped like a gift with a hand written note to either yourself or to whom you may be gifting her to.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, at the checkout stage please choose international postage as and option. If your country is not listed please contact me

Returns policy

If your clutch is damaged please return for a full refund or exchange. KARMME will be responsible for postage costs. If you’d like to change your clutch you can return but you will be responsible for postage both ways. It must be in original packaging and not damaged or worn in any way. Exchanges are valid within 14 days of receiving your clutch. I want people to love their KARMME clutches so please feel free to make another choice if you don’t.