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KARMME x Cult of Scent Fragrance WORKSHOP

KARMME X CULT OF SCENT join together to present an insight into scent creation

KARMME x Cult of Scent fragrance workshop

KARMME x Cult of Scent fragrance workshop


KARMME joins with Cult of Scent to offer an afternoon of sensory delight and an insight into the fragrance making process. 

From a spark of inspiration a scent can be born, it could be an emotion, a memory,  a conversation or a place in time. 

Creators of KARMME Scent Imby and Jocelyn will lead you by the nose into the creative world of perfumery and talk about how they channeled their inspiration to create this scent. 

Enliven your senses and smell the ingredients used in fine perfumes, learn some tricks perfumers use to create illusions in scent and create your own unique scent. 

Fresh from her trip to Grasse, the heart of fine perfume in France....Jocelyn will share the scents of France.

Learn about top notes, heart and base notes, and follow your nose to create your unique 15mL Eau de Parfum. A blend that you love, that you feel, that you connect with.

Take home your very own bottle of your signature blend inside your choice of KARMME mini.

We will keep your recipe on file so that you can order more of your bespoke blend.

Saturday 23rd June, 2018

2 - 4pm

West Elm, Chatswood Chase

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