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KARMME leather tote



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An aerial view of water ways and sand banks formed over time, the freedom of exploration the ink has when dispersing in the water, exploring a Croatian fish market and the memories of a fish monger with black hands and arms from squid ink. The exploration of a whisper of smoke from the charred remains of a piece of wood nestled in the fire pit, swirling and dissipating as it mixes with the air. 


The KARMME tote is about ease, comfort and style. Designed to accompany any corporate outfit or as a statement piece for your everyday wear. An internal zip pocket on one side and an open divided pocket perfect for your phone on the other, coupled with a discreet internal magnetic closure at the top. 

Hand-dyed Italian leather in KARMME's watercolour design, each tote is a completely unique piece of art, transformed for use. Design will vary from darker patches of black to a myriad of greys. Topstitching and beautiful envelope folds at the sides add just enough detail to this classic tote bag.

A big sister to all the KARMME ladies your KARMME clutch will nestle perfectly inside, adding to the ease when knowing exactly where your important belongings are. 

Dimensions are approximately 38cm wide by 39 cm deep. Strap length 71cm

Lined in black 100% cotton.

Designed and created using artisan hands in Sydney, Australia

No two SMOKES can be the same, the image on the website is a representation of the art. @karmmehq posts regular updates of new leather as its received.

You will receive her in KARMME's cotton dust cover and wrapped as a gift as she deserves to be.

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