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SEASONAL clutches for Autumn/Winter 2018

Seasonal KARMME clutches are limited edition colours to compliment your seasonal wardrobe.

They will be fluid and are inspired by what catches my eye whilst perusing beautiful Italian leather. 


LUSH & SHIRAZ are the first of the KARMME seasonal ladies for Autumn/Winter 2018




Khaki/ olive with a hint of golden shimmer, LUSH is perfect for any evening out. Paired with black, denim, neutrals or sequins she feels as beautiful as she looks. Be sure to bring her out in summer too with crisp whites.

LUSH all year round.


This range is recommended to be treated with care.  When you want to take her out somewhere special she is a perfect companion

Clutch size is approximately 25 cm by 25 cm

Zip is olive with antique brass

Lined with 100% cotton shibori

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