Bespoke Leather Clutches. Born from Creative Desire.

The Creator


I have always created. I learned to sew on my grandmother’s Singer treadle sewing machine, sewing lines up and down in purple cotton during my school holidays. I sold Cabbage Patch Kid's clothes when I was 11 and went to embroidery classes during Uni holidays. I never questioned it but I didn’t understand that it was such a big part of me. Only now do I realise that this has actually been my therapy for near on 30 years. My happy place, my beautiful space. It's where I go and what I do when life gets too busy, when I need to clear my mind. Although I remain busy, stimulated and challenged, I am forever KARMME when creating.

I read somewhere that personality traits of a creative person included getting bored easily. Through a need and desire to create constantly, whatever the medium, KARMME was born. So I am here now on this path, kind of to a destination unknown, but that’s the traveller in me, I am loving the ride and happy to take this path wherever it leads to. Thanks for coming along on with me.

Imby x