Born from Creative Desire.


KARMME | leather clutches, accessories and artisan scent. Designed and made in Sydney, Australia




adjective [kahm]  | quiet, peaceful, serene, composed, absence of agitation
verb [kahm/me]  |  to make calm, give peace, freeing of mind

'Plump to touch and exquisite to hold.'

KARMME clutches are created using premium Italian leather. The range includes colours developed exclusively for KARMME. The leather chosen has body yet is still soft enough to give all KARMME bags a beautiful feel that gets better with age and just fits to your hand after a while.

new range liv.jpg


The design of my bags came about when I needed to go out with my phone, keys and purse but didn’t have enough hands to hold it all. I had also had neck surgery and didn’t want to carry a bag on my shoulder any more. Simplicity and versatility of design was important so during the day KARMME clutches can be grabbed in the corner, tucked under your arm or popped in a larger tote bag, and at night just the bare essentials get put in and folded over for a more elegant clutch.


All KARMME clutches from the classic, metallics and shibori range are sized approximately 25 cm square. Zips are 20 cm long, metallic; nickel, aged nickel, brass or black onyx with a custom pull. The DESERT TALES clutches are 27 x 21 cm with a 23 cm zip. They are designed to be folded or not, depending on how much you have to carry out.



KARMME's story started with a gift to my sister. That feeling of gift giving continues, with each KARMME clutch having her own cotton dust bag, carefully tied and a hand written note to accompany her before she's wrapped and sent on her way. Whether a present for yourself or another it's important to KARMME that each clutch is received as a gift.

When I first started making the clutches, the colour of the leather kept taking my mind to women I had seen in the media, maybe it was skin tone or personality but I kept thinking of them. During the last process of construction of each bag, on the turning out, the unveiling, the end of my free thoughts, it felt like a child was born, and so my bags began to be named. 

Mostly the names came to me as I created, stimulated by memories of sewing with my mum, the clothes and shoes she had in her wardrobe, colours, textures and personalities traits of women I admired or were reminded of.

So they became KARMME ladies, I love that they get referred to as ‘ladies’. This term has been lost a little in translation in the past couple of decades in my opinion. I feel it’s a compliment to be labelled a lady and I hope my KARMME ladies make their owners feel confident, elegant, gorgeous, classic, casual and as stylish as they want to be.

KARMME 2017_by_Luisa Brimble-1308.jpg


Classic tans, developed in Italy, specifically for KARMME, from deep rich chocolate brown, to a burnt caramel ‘cowboy’ tan, onto a classic tan I liken to toffee or a strong latte, the one that goes with everything and finishing with a smooth nude with a pinkish hue that is dreamy. Anastasia is a mysterious grey that is also exclusive to KARMME. She covers the spectrum from grey, brown, khaki, slate and stone, throwing hues dependent on what she's paired with.

The tans are coupled with a classic black, elegant midnight navy, and a gorgeously rich red. The leather is plump to touch and so very beautiful to hold. All created from carefully selected premium Italian leather.

The KARMME tote bag range is available in 4 tan hues, black & navy.

A travel pouch GYPSY has been welcomed for the wanderers in us all. The metallics range consists of five shimmery ladies and the Shibori range in collaboration with Shibori textiles brings art to life with GLACIAL, AZURE, SMOKE & INDULGE.

DESERT TALES, inspired by wanderings in Australia’s outback sees floral embossed leather from Japan, exclusive to KARMME in 4 colour ways representing the desert sky, trees, sunsets and shrubbery.



The nature of KARMME is bespoke, small quantity, locally created products. I am proud to design and produce in Australia. My suppliers and makers are an integral part in me providing beautifully hand made leather goods coupled with a high level of  customer service for creations that loyal KARMME clients have come to love.

This website highlights what  KARMME is about, how the business came to be, and how it has evolved. The images show the texture, colour, application and design. The lineup of KARMME ladies will consist of a core range joined by intermittent seasonal designs. I am constantly inspired when buying supplies so there will always be new ladies appearing in my lineup.

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KARMME clutches are lined in 100% cotton that has been hand dyed using the shibori technique. This technique involves folding, pleating, binding and then dyeing in a vat of indigo to give a wonderful blue and white organic patterned fabric to ensure each KARMME clutch is truly a unique piece.  

The Shibori ranges are lined in crisp white or black; beauty combined with simplicity.