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Telegram group scraper bot Free Download


What is Telegram Group Scraper ?
Telegram Group Scraper is a software by which you can find active users for your Telegram Group. Trying to find members conventionally might take months to get a niche-based audience. But, when you use Telegram Scraper, you can find active members from your competitors without even spending a day. Besides that, Telegram Group Scraper complies with the TOS of Telegram as it uses Telegram API to find users. While using this software, you can customize your search settings and filter your users while you are uploading them. You can also save the details of these members as a CSV file.

Why should you use Telegram Group Scraper?
There are numerous benefits of using Telegram Group Scraper. However, it depends upon your purpose. If you have a small business and want to generate new leads, you can use this software to reach out to your target audience. By doing so, you can increase the click-through rate and enhance the number of sales.
You can also use Telegram Group Scraper for promoting an event or your business. In a nutshell, this software would help you build your Telegram Group from scratch. It can also assist you in finding an active audience who would find your content as complying with their interests.

What are the features of Telegram Scraper software?
The main features of Telegram Group Scraper that you have to consider include:
• By using this software, you can find active members who have a real interest in the products you are offering. Through this, you can grow your business without any hassle.
• You can use Telegram Scraper to export members from other niche-based groups into a CSV file. You can use these details to add members to your Group.
• You can make changes to the search settings, which would help you to filter the users. Through this, you can ensure that you are finding the right audience.
• Even though you can only import 8000 members per day, you can export an unlimited number of users. You can use Telegram Group Scraper for this purpose. Instead of importing members to your Group, you can also use the details to send bulk messages.

How to download Telegram Group Scraper Bot?
You can download Telegram Group Scraper from here




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