Each morning you are greeted and each evening the day is farewelled with the blush of the desert horizon. To watch the rise and setting of the sun unobstructed allows for a sky show like no other. Hues of blush turn to orange on one side of the sky and radiate soft pastelly pinks on the other, there are times you don’t know where to look for fear of missing the beautiful feast for your eyes.

Blush leather embossed with open blooms, exclusive to KARMME, is the DESERT BLUSH of the DESERT TALES collection. Lined in KARMME’s signature indigo hand dyed 100% cotton shibori.

She is beautiful with white, neutrals, denim or black. She easily takes you from day to night.

An internal zipped pocket to know exactly where your keys, cards, cash or lippy are inside your clutch.

Clutch size is approximately 27 x 21 cm

Zip is gunmetal with blush

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