Born from Creative Desire.


A collection inspired by wanderings in the outback. DESERT SKY, DESERT SAGE, DESERT BLUSH & DESERT BARK are the colour palette etched into my memory. Where the raw meets feminine.

Japanese embossed leather | inspired by wandering in the outback, where raw meets feminine.





The darkest of nights under the desert sky, no town’s light to be seen. The milky way as told in song & stories sprayed the sky above. A blanket of stars is how the desert night’s sky was described to be and that night I knew it to be true. No sky is blacker yet brighter both at the same time.

Black leather embossed with open blooms, exclusive to KARMME, is the DESERT SKY of the DESERT TALES collection. Lined in KARMME’s signature indigo hand dyed 100% cotton shibori.

She is beautiful for those who love black but want a little something special.

An internal zipped pocket to know exactly where your keys, cards, cash or lippy are inside your clutch.

Clutch size is approximately 27 x 21 cm

Zip is gunmetal with black

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