Born from Creative Desire.

GYPSY Travel pouch | sunglasses pouch

KARMME’s travel pouch and sunglasses protector.

KARMME | leather clutches, accessories and artisan scent. Designed and made in Sydney, Australia

designed to make the required beautiful




There’s a traveller in me, one who wants to explore the globe, see, smell, touch and feel the unknown and then realise the common thread that runs through us all independent of which language we speak, climate we enjoy or clothes we wear. 


Gypsy was developed to be a part of that desire to travel. She is the carry all pouch for passports, pens, boarding passes, cosmetics and itineraries as you depart on the next adventure to enrich the soul and stoke the fire for the wonder of wandering.


Zip width is 22 cm, pouch is approximately 27cm x 19cm 

lined in shibori dyed cotton

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