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Imby LangenbachComment

I have tried to be a runner, I am not a runner. I'm ok with that just like I'm ok with accepting I am not a morning person either as much as I'd like to be. But since moving to Coogee 7 years ago I have had connections with many women who are both runners and early risers. They call themselves the 'Coogee Cougars' and there are hundreds of them that meet at 5.45am each Thursday to run and talk at the same time, a proposition I find impossible to fathom! One of these Cougars is Sophie Smith, she not only runs in this group but heads up Running for Premature Babies, a cause dear to her heart after she lost her triplets born prematurely. She leads the pack of purple singlets with the names of her three boys and now husband, Ash, who passed away last year from brain cancer, running all over Sydney in preparation for the SMH half marathon coming up this month. The money raised by the expectant 500 runners this year will go towards adding to the $2 million Sophie has helped raise for life saving equipment in the neonatal ward at Royal Womens' Hospital, Randwick. With the week leading up to Mother's Day I started to think of Mothers who have lost a child. I have three healthy daughters and cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Sophie's strength and determination to make a difference amongst her grief is truly inspiring. Her energy and dedication to this cause means there are more Mothers this year who have their babies with them, who may have been in a hurry to meet them and entered our world too early.

KARMME will donate 15% of sales for the week leading up to Mother's Day. A small way to help Sophie help the families looking for a little bit of extra hope for their premmie babies.