Bespoke Leather Clutches

born from creative desire

k a r m m e

Adjective | quiet, peaceful, serene, composed, absence of agitation

Verb | to make calm, give peace, freeing of mind


K A R M M E was born through the love and desire to create. It is one of the few things that makes me stop, settles and calms me. While creating my bags my mind would wander, to many places, I could be free with my thoughts yet busy with my hands, in a place where I felt peaceful, challenged but in a good way, creating, only limited by my time. The perfectionist in me could work along side the organic creativeness that wanted to see how it turns out without too much of a plan on how to get there.

During the last process of construction of each bag, on the turning out, the unveiling, the end of my free thoughts, it felt like a child was born, and so my bags began to be named. 

Mostly the names came to me as I created, stimulated by memories of sewing with my mum, the clothes and shoes she had in her wardrobe, colours, textures and personalities traits of women I admired or were reminded of.

So the nature of K A R M M E was born, bespoke bags created from a beautiful head space, unique and individual every time for clients who value this process. I never consider K A R M M E my work, it feels like a joy to create beautiful things and share these with clients who get a little bit of me every time they purchase a K A R M M E bag.

about the clutches

The design of my bags came about when I needed to go out with my phone, keys and purse but didn’t have enough hands to hold it all. I had also had neck surgery and didn’t want to carry a bag on my shoulder any more. Simplicity and versatility of design was important so during the day                  

K A R M M E bags can be grabbed in the corner, tucked under your arm or popped in a larger tote bag, and at night just the bare essentials get put in and folded over for a more elegant clutch.

The leather I use has body yet is still soft enough to give all K A R M M E bags a beautiful feel that gets better with age and just fits to your hand after a while. 

Being a natural product the variations in each hide are what make it exciting to work with, two bags can be cut yet textures can vary dramatically.

The range includes some stunning metallics, exceptional shibori, right through to the myriad of tans that just never go out of fashion with pops of colour in between.

All clutches are sized approximately 25 cm square. Zips are 20 cm long, metallic; brass, nickel, antique nickel or antique brass with a custom pull. They are paired with the leather to be just the right combination for the lady I'm creating.


I have always made tote bags for gifts or my own purposes, my bag hook at home is testament to that. Whilst I love the freedom that clutches give me for my everyday needs there are times, for me, when travelling or out for the day that I need a bigger bag.

The new range of KARMME tote bags, LIQUORICE, BURNT CARAMEL & ALMOND NOUGAT are the product of playing with shapes, textures, folds and design to create what I would want to carry; what is easy, stylish, practical, casual and elegant. They are named after my second love - creating with sugar.  SMOKE is the result of a collaboration with Shibori Textiles to transform art into a functional piece, that's both unique and stylish.

design process
& how to place an order

The nature of K A R M M E is bespoke and small quantity, locally created products. This website highlights what  K A R M M E is about, how the business came to be and how it has evolved. The images show the texture, colour, application and design. The lineup of ladies will be fluid. I am a maker not a producer, and it's because of that with each K A R M M E clutch you buy you will get a truly unique piece.

I am constantly inspired when buying supplies so there will always be new ladies appearing in my lineup. I hand choose each piece of leather I work with. Due to the nature of leather being a natural product there will be variations in the texture and feel of the clutches, and also slight colour variations. 

This is the bespoke and unique nature of
K A R M M E.  An exchange will be offered if the colour is not what you expected. Any clutch showing 'sold out' will be due to leather stock, and will be available again after replenishing supplies.

Please allow up to two weeks for your bag to arrive. You will be emailed you with a tracking number when she is posted so you know when she's on her way. 

For any queries please email Imby or complete the form here


K A R M M E linings

Indigo is a colour I have always been drawn to, it is a colour I find alluring and peaceful. So when I learnt the art of Shibori and got to create organic patterns with a vat of indigo dye, I knew I wanted all my bags to be lined in this. Shibori is a technique of folding, binding, clamping or stitching fabric to create a resistance and then dyeing it. 

There are many different effects you can get but I have found what I love and all    K A R M M E bags are lined using 100% cotton that is hand dyed producing a pattern that tends to have some sense of order with a little unknown in there too, a little bit like me I think. The Shibori range of leather bags are lined in crisp white 100% cotton. Beauty combined with simplicity.

shibori clutch range

Premium Italian leather is dyed using three separate shibori techniques. This process involves binding the leather and dyeing, and then treating it to create a completely unique piece of soft and pliable leather every time. Each clutch is a piece of  art, a collaboration between KARMME and boutique textile studio, Shibori Textiles. The clutches are then created and lined with 100% crisp white cotton.

No two K A R M M E clutches from the shibori range can ever be the same.